Venue Selection
A house becomes a home with you and your family, and a wedding venue becomes a place of beautiful memories & a new beginning. Hoopla works passionately to transform these venues into someplace your own, to celebrate love and the sanctity of marriage. In dreamy destination weddings like beach or fort weddings or even closer to nature, in the woods or forests, we give you an experience wrapped with love, creativity & logistic feasibility.
Food & Catering
Cuisines prepared with love, at Hoopla Weddings, adorn the bittersweet flavours of marriage in Hoopla Weddings. Trust our Bawarchis & Maharajas to take you on an eclectic food journey, while you bask in the pure & warm festivity of endearment. A menu customised for your taste buds will only add to the merriment.
Our genuine belief in the term “Athithi devo bhava” drives us to treat each guest at your event like they are our own. Right from creating the guests’ list to bidding adieu when they depart for home, we make sure we do everything to make this experience a cherishable one for them. While you indulge in all the festivities, we ensure your guests are comfortable in every way.
Communication design
An invite is what sets the tone for the wedding. An exciting invitation will arouse an indelible curiosity and get your guests to prep for the occasion. Our communication designs strive to pursue this excitement and herald the upcoming jubilation. We design wedding websites, thank you notes and memorable return gifts with unique material, that exude craftsmanship & goodwill.
Based on your requirements, we’ll suggest the package that is most beneficial for you. Right from covering just one of the events to offering complete support, we’re flexible to your needs.

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