earthbeings is a nature-based enterprise of people who deeply care about all the residents of our planet.

We specialize in custom Sustainable and Conventional Landscaping Solutions.

Our network brings together people who share a collective drive for making progressive leaps to enable harmonious living.

We Sustain

We Sustain

We Thrive

We Thrive

We Build

We Build

We assist

We Assist

We handle everything landscaping for you!

We take up Complete  Project Management for all your landscaping needs.

Our Process


The first step is to conduct a detailed site analysis and formulate a brief. This is normally carried out during a couple of meetings with our client.

Planting plan

The next stage is to prepare a detailed planting plan which showcases placement of plant varieties numbers and spacing and a planting schedule.


In most cases, our clients are happy to accept our recommendation about the landscaping and we proceed to build the garden.

Why choose us?

Our biodynamic and permaculture landscaping solutions allow for a regenerative lifestyle, thus bringing about a surplus of food, reducing resource consumption and maximizing the use of land space.

We operate as a Sustainable Concept under the License of ‘Forest Garden Landscaping Works LLC’ based out of the United Arab Emirates.

Our people

Our aim is to build a global community that promotes sustainable and natural ways of living.

Within earthbeings you will find a network of professional advisors, consultants, artists, teachers and producers, each providing in-depth knowledge on working with nature.

See our work

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